Physician REB Member — WCG IRB

Physician REB Member

WCG IRB is recruiting new physician members to serve on our Canadian research ethics board.  This role involves analyzing and presenting human research protocols at Board meetings to facilitate informed decision making, and to lead discussion for all Board members.  Physician members contribute by explaining medical and scientific concepts for the Board.  Generally, we expect Board members to participate in at least one meeting per month.  Preparing for meetings can take 4 – 10 hours depending on the content of the meeting.  Meetings are held on Thursdays (8:30 AM Pacific Time) and usually last around two hours.  All meetings are conducting using zoom, and we provide access to meeting materials using a web-based system.  Initial and on-going training are provided.  We provide a stipend for board meeting attendance.

Interested individuals are encouraged to send their CV to the Executive REB Chair at