CAREB-ACCER was established in 2000 as a community of REB professionals, namely chairs, members and administrators of research ethics boards. Faced with increasing responsibilities and working in a challenging research environment, a desire emerged for professionals to share best practices and to work together to improve visibility and credibility within their own organizations, the research community, and the public at large. With major policy discussions underway, there was a clear need for a strong representative voice in national discussions to ensure that the issues and concerns of the REB would be heard and considered in policy development.

CAREB-ACCER’s membership is enthusiastic, highly motivated, generous of spirit, collaborative, action-oriented and shares a strong sense of community and purpose. As a volunteer supported organization, CAREB-ACCER relies on the expertise and energy of its members to forward its mission and to conduct business functions, including: organizing and running the annual national conference; creating timely and thoughtful responses to national initiatives; establishing position and guidance documents; and developing and facilitating education and outreach initiatives.

Over the past decade, a growing membership and positive feedback from CAREB-ACCER members on its offerings – national conferences, regional workshops and educational sessions – have suggested that CAREB-ACCER continues to be relevant to its members. In its first ten years, CAREB-ACCER has established a firm foundation upon which to build and has earned a “seat at the table” in many national policy setting discussions.

CAREB-ACCER’s current focus is to continue growing as a national organization dedicated to serving the pragmatic needs of its membership, and to consolidate and strengthen its ability to serve members over the long term.

In particular, CAREB-ACCER is evolving from an organization driven by a few key members to become more broadly based by strengthening its ability to recruit experienced and talented individuals to lead on the Board of Directors and to participate in  committees and working groups. Two key components to this growth will be to forge collaborations with other research ethics organizations, both nationally and internationally; and to implement a sustainable succession plan to ensure the future of CAREB-ACCER as an organization. 

As an endorser of the Dimensions Charter, CAREB-ACCER is committing to its principles, and recognizes that equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) strengthens the research community, the quality, relevance and impact of research, and the opportunities for the full pool of potential participants.