2023 Conference Keynote Speaker Registration

  • This survey aims to collect information on you and your keynote presentation so that we place it on the conference website and promotional materials. We are seeking a title, an abstract, five keywords, bios and photos. Thank you for agreeing to present.
  • Please provide any position details you would like shared (e.g. postnominal titles, position, organization, etc.)
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    Please indicate on which of our conference days you would like your keynote. Note: This is to note your preference and allow us to schedule our agenda accordingly. The date you choose is not guaranteed. Once the agenda has been confirmed, you will be notified of your keynote date.
  • I allow CAREB-ACCER to create information packages for conference attendees that include my name, picture, biography, abstract, keywords on the CAREB-ACCER conference website.
  • Is there anything else you want the conference directors to know beforehand? (such as is there any issue with the time, do you have any questions)