Call for Nominations to the CAREB-ACCER Board of Directors

Are you interested in contributing to the Association’s activities? If so, we invite you to join the CAREB-ACCER Board of Directors!

The Nominating Committee is looking for individuals who ideally have previous experience on CAREB-ACCER committees and who have excellent communication skills. The Board is meant to be representative of our membership. In preparing the slate of candidates, the Nominating Committee shall, therefore, give due consideration to geographic location, bilingualism, fields of interest, and the type of institution represented by the candidate.

Board members are required to attend the annual conference and board retreats, participate in meetings (in-person and via teleconference), lead initiatives, and complete special projects.

More information can be found in the CAREB-ACCER bylaws (Article V).

Nominees must be CAREB-ACCER members in good standing, and as stated in the bylaws, “a member of a Research Ethics Board or must be engaged in the administration of a Research Ethics Board or must be otherwise engaged in research ethics research, administration or practice or in the ethical conduct of research involving humans”.

Please submit your CV and a letter of interest to Charmaine Kabatoff, CAREB-ACCER Secretary, by February 15, 2020. Nominees will be contacted and added to the Nomination Slate at the AGM.