CIHR Institute of Gender and Health launches NEW Training Modules: Integrating Sex and Gender into Health Research

Every cell is sexed and every person is gendered. Sex and gender considerations influence our risk of developing certain diseases, how well we respond to interventions, and how often we seek health care. When research fails to account for sex and gender, there is a risk of harm by assuming that the study results apply to everyone. 

The CIHR Institute of Gender and Health’s new training modules ( are designed to help researchers and peer reviewers better integrate sex and gender into health research. The training modules are divided into three sections:

1) Sex and Gender in Biomedical Research (

2) Sex and Gender in Primary Data Collection with Humans (

3) Sex and Gender in Secondary Data Analysis (

Each module is 30-45 minutes and comes with a CIHR Certificate of Completion. These modules will help reviewers learn how to identify sex and gender differences in the mechanism, disease or treatment under study; identify methods for integrating sex and gender variables in health research contexts; and assess a research protocol or publication based on the integration or omission of sex and gender.