CAREB-ACCER vREB Case Study Analysis – Case 2

“Survey to determine culturally different patterns of emotional growth and stability among young adults” 

The Virtual REB is a CAREB-ACCER professional development initiative that facilitates discussion on a series of research ethics case studies. While the cases presented are study overviews rather than full protocols, they are designed to include enough information for a fulsome discussion of the ethical issues entailed.

Case Studies are posted for CAREB-ACCER members across Canada to contribute their thoughts on relevant ethical issues as if conducting a research ethics review. Results will be compiled and presented in a case debrief that will be archived on the CAREB-ACCER website as a training resource which can be used by CAREB-ACCER members to support the orientation and training of REB members and professionals within their own institutions.

We acknowledge that research ethics opinions are often seen through the lens of context and are open to interpretation. As such, opinions may vary; however, these variations may be the seeds of professional discussion, learning, and development which are the goals of this exercise. If you have comments on the case or debrief, we encourage you to start or join a discussion on the vREB section of the CAREB-ACCER online forum   

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The exercise begins with a short demographic section followed by the case description and review questions. All responses are anonymous. Demographics are for planning purposes and will be used in aggregate. If you do provide identifying information, it will be stripped from the final case debrief.

Feedback submission deadline: Friday, June 2, 2017 at 5:00 pm