Video Series

How do I Refund a payment?

Dashboard --> Woocommerce --> Orders --> Select Order you want to refund

Select Refund, button is by the product details.

Note: Make sure you fill our what exactly is getting refunded  by changing the quantity, total, to GST to add the refund amount

Click “Refund via Stripe” to have it automatically go back to their credit card.

How to a manually add or remove a membership?

Dashboard --> Membership PRO Ultimate WP --> Users --> Add Filters --> Search for User --> Edit

The Subscription management also apply’s for adding permissions to view Emodules and Webinars.

How do I access my purchased material?

Front-End --> Log in --> My Account --> Professional Development

Note: Admins will see everything available regardless of what was purchased

Note: Only properly configured emodules and webinars will appear on the list, to learn how to set one up, watch the “Configuring Webinars and Emodules” video in the Advanced configurations videos.


I have added Attributes to the Conference Registration after this video which changes a lot of how coupons and the product is setup. The product type has been switch from a ‘Simple” product to a “Variable” product. This may require an in-depth or an additional configuration video in the future.


The iframe code I used is what caused the error with the page translation. To fix this use the following code instead:

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