CALL FOR REQUESTS FOR QUOTATIONS – Professional Consulting Services for Design, Development and Delivery of the CAREB-ACCER Anti-Black Racism Research Ethics Discussion & Education Series (CAREB-ACCER RFQ#001)

In July of 2020 the Canadian Association of Research Ethics Boards/ L’Association canadienne des comités d’éthique de la recherche (CAREB-ACCER)  Board of Directors (“BOD”) initiated an Anti-Black Racism action plan focused on dismantling existing systems of oppression within the Canadian research ethics sector.  This action plan includes 6 distinct actions CAREB-ACCER commits to taking towards anti-Black racism, including:

  1. Issuing a CAREB-ACCER position Statement from the Board of Directors
  2. Establishing an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  3. Education and training of our CAREB-ACCER Board of Directors membership, with the objective of:
    • Education (cultural competency); and
    • Modeling appropriate Board governance and operations
  4. Launching an anti-Black racism discussion series with the objective of:
    • Education (cultural competency);
    • Story telling; and
    • Providing tools & resourcing for research ethics boards, research ethics professionals and researchers
  5. Creating space for a diverse group of researchers and topics in our educational offerings, events and activities
  6. Sharing of existing anti-Black racism, resources/materials

Since initiating this action plan, the CAREB-ACCER Board of Directors has begun our anti-Black racism education journey, revised and remodeled the approaches used in identifying educational topics of importance and recruiting and attracting a more diverse group of experts in our educational offerings, events and activities.   


In support of our commitment to  enable and encourage anti‐Black racism discussions, education and action to equip Canadian research ethics boards and researchers on how to approach research with an equitable and diverse lens the CAREB-ACCER Board of Directors is seeking requests for quotations for the design, development and delivery of an anti-Black racism research ethics discussion and education series for the Canadian Research Ethics community on behalf of CAREB-ACCER.

RFQ ISSUE DATE: March 29, 2021

RFQ CLOSING DATE (UPDATED): May 25, 2021 at 10:00 PM EST


QUOTATION SUBMISSIONS:  Quotations must be delivered to Delilah Ofosu-Barko, President, CAREB-ACCER

Email: [email protected]