Call for Subject Matter Experts to Develop and Deliver one of two CAREB-ACCER e-modules (CAREB-ACCER RFQ#001)

The CAREB-ACCER Research Ethics Administration eModule suite covers a broad spectrum of Research Ethics Administration topics. Designed to meet the education needs of new and emerging Research Ethics Administrators these modules provide access to Canadian specific Research Ethics Administration content in a flexible and accessible format. These Research Ethics Administration eModules aim to function as standalone Research Ethics Administration curriculum for Research Ethics Administrators and those interested in this subject matter area.

We are currently looking for one Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on each of the following, so two SMEs in total. The SME will help develop and deliver content for three modules. The SME should have expertise in one of the following:
1. Research with Indigenous Communities or
2. Community Engaged Research

In support of our commitment to create e-modules to cover a broad spectrum of topics that help inform research ethics administrators. The content will be peer-reviewed through select CAREB-ACCER Board of Director members or educational advisory team. A group of students, led by CAREB-ACCER will help enhance the design and delivery to make the content interactive. All stakeholder will work together to disseminate knowledge to the Canadian Research Ethics community on behalf of CAREB-ACCER.

Remuneration: CAREB-ACCER has terms of remuneration ($500 per emodule) and engagement that will be shared with interested/selected SMEs.

RFQ ISSUE DATE: October 29, 2022

RFQ CLOSING DATE: November 21, 2022

If you are interested, please email
1. Indicate your subject matter expertise
2. Write a brief biography that outlines this expertise
3. Attach a resume or CV.

If you would like more information, direct questions to