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Call for Research Ethics Board Panelists for the September 10, 2020 Health Canada Engagement Session

BACKGROUND On May 27, 2020 Health Canada, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Canadian Association of Research Ethics Boards (CAREB-ACCER) published a “Joint Statement on Clinical Trial Oversight in Canada” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to prioritize both Health Canada and REB review of COVID-19 clinical trials.  In […]

Statement from CAREB-ACCER’s Board of Directors on Anti-Black Racism

Statement from CAREB-ACCER’s Board of Directors on Anti-Black Racism August 18, 2020 To the CAREB-ACCER and broader Research Ethics Community, In light of the protests taking place over the past few months across the U.S., Canada and the world, we want to make it clear that CAREB-ACCER’s Board of Directors denounces anti-Black racism and all […]

Joint Statement on Clinical Trial Oversight in Canada

Health Canada (HC) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), with the collaboration and participation of the Canadian Association of Research Ethics Boards (CAREB-ACCER), issued a Joint Statement on Clinical Trials Oversight in Canada recognizing the urgent need to conduct clinical trials to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a drug, a vaccine or a medical […]

CAREB-ACCER Launches COVID-19 Forum

AREB-ACCERlaunchesCOVID-19 Forum CAREB-ACCER has created a new Open Forum dedicated to COVID-19 to help the research ethics community discuss issues and share information. This Forum is open to any person with a CAREB-ACCER account, whether or not they have an active membership. Three Topics are live:Clinical TrialsREB Guidance for researchers in the wake of COVID19REB […]

Resources related to COVID-19 Outbreak

A draft guidance text is available below for REBs who wish to issue a statement regarding research conduct and review given the COVID-19 situation. French translation to follow shortly. We will list other guidance as it becomes available. (Updated Oct. 7, 2020) Hastings Centre: University of Guelph: Trillium Health Partners: UBC: University of Ottawa: University […]

CAREB-ACCER Survey of Research Ethics Administration and Research Ethics Board Practices

CAREB-ACCER often receives various questions about REBs and their functioning via email and via the Association’s online Forum.  To help answer some of those questions, and to learn more about the REB community and the work of REB administrators in particular, we are conducting a scan of REB functioning and workloads across Canada. We encourage […]


NEWS – REB SOPs v3 Release of the Third Version of the N2/CAREB-ACCER REB SOPs The N2 and CAREB-ACCER organizations are pleased to announce the release of the third version of the Canadian REB SOPs – the English language version is available now with the French language version to follow. The REB SOPs are specific […]

Call for Nominations to the CAREB-ACCER Board of Directors

Are you interested in contributing to the Association’s activities? If so, we invite you to join the CAREB-ACCER Board of Directors! The Nominating Committee is looking for individuals who ideally have previous experience on CAREB-ACCER committees and who have excellent communication skills. The Board is meant to be representative of our membership. In preparing the […]