The Virtual REB (vREB) Case 1 Debrief is Now Available

vREB Case 1: Debrief


The Virtual REB is a new CAREB-ACCER professional development initiative designed to facilitate discussion on a series of research ethics case studies. These cases have been designed to highlight a range of common ethical issues typically found in human research applications.

Case studies will be posted on the CAREB-ACCER website (approximately) every three months for members (your peers and colleagues) to contribute their thoughts on the ethical issues involved and provide recommendations for how these issues could be addressed in the context of an REB review. . 

A group of Virtual REB Analysts, comprised of volunteer members selected from the CAREB-ACCER community, will review the comments submitted, add their own thoughts, and prepare a case debrief that will include references to the TCPS2 and other relevant legal and regulatory guidelines. Each case debrief will be made available to CAREB-ACCER members before the next case is posted; and archived as a resource which can be used by members, within their own institutions, to support the orientation and training of REB members and professionals. 

Although the Case 1 review is no longer open, comments and discussion on the case and debrief are welcomed. Members can access the Virtual REB thread of the CAREB-ACCER Forum for this purpose. 

Please note that Case 1 was open to the public; however subsequent cases will be open to CAREB-ACCER members only as a benefit of membership 

For more information about the Virtual REB visit the Professional Development page of the CAREB-ACCER website


vREB Case 1: Influenza Transmission in Hutterite Communities 
vREB Case 1: Debrief